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Worth the Hype: Kung Fu Noodles, Two Sons Coffee and Fuel’d

Worth the Hype: Kung Fu Noodles, Two Sons Coffee and Fuel’d


Throughout the past week, I’ve been bombarded with Instagram posts about Kung Fu Noodles, Two Sons Coffee and Fuel’d with people giving raving reviews about them. Just driving past these locations, I’ve noticed that these restaurants are packed full of people with lines that stretch all the way outside which is rare in Brunei. Hence, I’ve wanted to try them out myself and see if it’s really worth the hype so here’s my thoughts about them.


Kung Fu Noodles


kung fu noodles where to eat in brunei


Location: Setia Kenangan 2 Complex, Kiulap

Cost: All items cost below BND5

What I had here: Zha jiang mian (black bean noodles), beef noodle soup, sesame chicken with rice and tea leaf eggs


kung fu noodles where to eat in brunei


Thoughts: What stood out the most about the food here were the super chewy noodles which had a smooth and silky texture to them. I believe this is partly due to the fact that they hand pull the noodles so there’s guarantee that the noodles are made fresh. The black bean sauce had a light meaty flavour to it with thin gravy-like consistency so it coated the noodles well. I did find that the general flavour profile of the sauce and the soup in the beef noodle soup were rather light tasting and reminded me of home-cooked food. The sesame chicken had more of crunchy bite with a thin sweet and salty sauce coating that paired well with some rice. With regards to the tea leaf eggs, I felt that they needed to be steeped longer as the flavours hadn’t seeped into the egg as much as I would’ve liked but that being said they were cheap (BND1 if memory serves me) and were a nice little snack to grab.

Overall, I felt that the flavours were rather light and simple which I felt could be recreated at home but they stand out for the texture of their noodles, the price of the food and the super friendly service. Should I return, I would order the Zha Jiang Mian again.


Two Sons Coffee


woth the hype two sons coffee where to eat in brunei


Location: Setia Kenangan 2 Complex, Kiulap in a shared space with Nollybook

Cost: BND 3.50 per donut

What I had here: Over The Top (OTT), Toffee Apple Fritter, Froot Loops, Vanilla and Chocolate Orange custard filled donuts


worth the hype two sons coffee where to eat in bruneiwoth the hype two sons coffee where to eat in brunei


Thoughts: The OTT donut was covered in a chocolate glaze and topped with crumbled brownie bits, peanuts and caramel drizzle. With such a wonderful array of toppings, this donut tasted wondefully decadent. I also liked that the chocolate glaze had a slight bitterness to it which gave it just the right sweetness instead of being tooth-achingly sweet. The same goes for the chocolate orange custard donut which had a great balance of creamy, smooth chocolatey custard with just a hint of orange flavour. For someone like myself who isn’t usually a fan of chocolate orange, I felt that the flavours were balanced perfectly. For those who prefer a more fruity flavour, the toffee apple fritter will bring you back to the flavours of an apple pie (hint of cinnamon) with an apple jam-like glaze and real apple chunks scattered throughout the dough and glaze.  The Froot Loops donut was a little more simple with a lightly sweet milky glaze topped with Froot Loop cereal. Similarly, the Vanilla Custard donut had a simple sweet vanilla custard stuffed in the donut.

Overall, my favourite thing about their donuts is the texture which was soft, chewy and pillowy (except the Toffee Apple Fritter one which was more on the fluffy side). I would certainly return for their OTT and Chocolate Orange Custard donut and brave the queue.




worth the hype fuel'd where to eat in brunei


Location: Setia Kenangan 2 Complex, Kiulap. Inside the Healthy Habit.

Cost: BND5 (or more depending on your add-ons)

What I had here: Build Your Own Salad Bowl. Brown rice base with chick peas, baby corn, red cabbage and grilled chicken. Topped with gochujang sauce, fried onions and sunflower seeds.


worth the hype fuel'd where to eat in brunei


Thoughts: For the price I paid, I felt like the portion of food was large and well worth it as it left me feeling stuffed. The red cabbage was fresh and crunchy and although the grilled chicken consisted of breast portions, they tasted tender and juicy. Though I believe that the baby corn and chick peas were retrieved from a can, this was fine with me but others who may want a fresh option would be best choosing some other vegetable like lettuce or cucumbers. I also liked that the gochujang sauce had a salty, sweet and slightly spicy flavour which I felt went well with the lightly salted chicken.

Overall, I felt that it was a simple and cheap way to have a healthy, filling and well-rounded meal with plenty of choices for customisation.


What are your thoughts on the food mentioned in this post? Are there any other hyped locations you’d like me to try out? If so, please feel free to leave a comment.