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Sulbingsoo: Bingsoo Tasting

Sulbingsoo: Bingsoo Tasting

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Sulbingsoo is a fairly new-ish bingsoo (korean shaved ice place) place, located in Kiulap, close to the Bakerlyn.

When my friends and I got there, we decided to get two bingsoo to share between the three of us and ordered both the melon and matcha bingsoo. We had a choice to include red bean in our bingsoo, which we opted for. We were also given four free pieces of kimbap and had a choice between salmon and tuna but ultimately we went for the salmon.



Bruneian eats korean melon bingsooBruneian eats korean melon bingsoo topWhen the first bingsoo arrived, we were all extremely surprised by how HUGE it was. The melon bingsoo was literally served in half the melon itself. The melon was also frozen, hollowed out and replaced with shaved ice (the ice tasted a bit creamy so it might have been shaved milk). The frozen melon flesh was scooped into round spheres which sat around the shaved ice. At the very top, they placed a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream. They also served some condensed milk on the side which we poured all over the bingsoo. IT WAS GREAT! The shaved ice with the frozen melon on a hot day was superbly refreshing and definitely NOT too sweet at all. The best part was that the red beans and chewy mochi pieces were hidden at the bottom of the bingsoo! What a great surprise!


Bruneian eats korean matcha bingsoo

Bruneian eats korean matcha bingsoo no syrup

Our matcha bingsoo was equally spectacular, though much more preferred by me. This one came in a normal bowl filled with the same shaved ice and topped with fluffy whipped cream, two scoops of matcha ice cream and almonds. This bingsoo also came with a side serving of bittersweet matcha syrup. If you love that slightly bittersweet taste of matcha, this bingsoo is for you! Again, it wasn’t too sweet, most likely due to the matcha and the shaved ice was refreshing. The cream and ice cream contrasted the fresh taste with a great smooth and creamy texture. The matcha flavour was pleasantly prominent and not overpowering. As with the melon bingsoo, red beans and mochi pieces were also hidden at the bottom of the bingsoo.


With regards to the kimbap, they tasted pretty average and was no match for the bingsoo. This place also serves other types of typical savoury Korean food like jajangmyun and japchae if you’d like to try it! Overall, the prices of the bingsoo were a little on the expensive side ranging around $10-15 although the portions were huge and one alone was enough to be shared between three people. The ingredients used also seemed to be of great quality and the service was exceptional! I would definitely visit this place again and I highly recommend it!

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