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Snack Food Tour: Sweet Treats

Snack Food Tour: Sweet Treats

As someone with a bit of a sweet tooth, I decided to make a post on some of the newer spots in Brunei for a sweet treat. Some of which include HOT new treats, undiscovered ones and a spin on the classic treats.

Hokkaido cheese toast

bruneian eats charcoal hokkaido cheese toast

bruneian eats cheese pull


The first thing I tried was of course the new and popular Hokkaido cheese toast from SayChiizu to see if it really lives up to its name. They are located within the Times Square food court on the ground floor. I tried out two things from their menu including their charcoal cheese toast and their newest matcha cheese toast.



bruneian eats matcha hokkaido cheese toast


Both toasts had a bit of a slightly sweet, milky filling (almost a little like mild condensed milk) and was stuffed with CHEWY and STRINGY cheese. The cheese pull action you get is super satisfying! The toasted bread itself was equally great with a crispy texture and was slathered with some butter, giving it that rich buttery taste. Although, I would say that the toast could be a little too buttery as it ended up tasting greasy and heavy towards the end.

The only difference between the two flavours of toast, apart from the obvious colour difference, was that the charcoal cheese one tasted a little sweeter. Additionally, the matcha cheese toast had matcha powder sprinkled on the inside and had a bitter matcha taste. However, I personally felt like the matcha smell wasn’t very pronounced and that the powder hadn’t been distributed evenly which resulted in me having a bite of overpoweringly bitter matcha powder. Overall, I’d definitely say these toasts are a fun treat to try out but it wouldn’t be something I’d crave. Cost of each toast is $3.50.




Another one of the sweet treats I tried were doughnuts from A Dough Rable which is a home based business located in Mentiri. I tried out 4 different flavours including matcha, oreo cheese, teh tarik and cheese overload.

bruneian eats a dough rable doughnuts all


I loved that A Dough Rable included such diverse and unique flavours. However, I was slightly disappointed in their matcha glaze as it was a little runny and I could not taste the matcha flavour. The oreo bits on the oreo cheese doughnut had softened and the teh tarik flavour was too bitter. Despite this, the doughnuts themselves had a great texture as they were fluffy, soft and chewy. The cream cheese frosting worked well with the donuts too particularly in the cheese overload doughnut which was my favourite.


bruneian eats a dough rable doughnuts close up


Overall, I would certainly commend A Dough Rable for producing these doughnuts at such an affordable price of 4 pieces for $2! Furthermore, they are still a new business so it is understandable that certain things need improvement. That being said, I have seen from their instagram page that they are trying to develop their glazes. Therefore, I certainly believe that there will be more exciting improvements to come! Don’t cross this one off your list just yet.




Cucur Pisang

bruneian eats cucur pisang banana fritters rice bowl

bruneian eats ricebowl cucur pisang banana fritters close upThe last thing I wanted to include in this post is cucur pisang (banana fritters) from Rice Bowl located in Batu Bersurat. These cucur pisang are not the ordinary ones I am used to trying. The bananas are fried to perfection, covered in a beautiful golden brown coating with specks of sesame seeds. It is also topped with coconut flakes and gula melaka syrup which adds a fun twist. The cucur pisang is super crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside with a hint of nutty flavour. The cucur pisang itself isn’t overwhelmingly sweet. The coconut flakes cling to the gula melaka syrup adding just the right amount of sweetness to the cucur pisang. Not to mention the gula melaka syrup had a pleasant molasses flavour to it. Portion size was huge too with just enough to share between 3 people.

These cucur pisang are totally worth a try and I highly recommend! Nothing like the cucur pisang I’ve tasted before. Cost of the cucur pisang is $4.00.


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