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Seoul Garden: Revisiting my favourite

Seoul Garden: Revisiting my favourite

Seoul Garden was one of the first Korean restaurants that I’ve heard of in Brunei years ago. The restaurant used to be located in the Yayasan food court and had always been my favourite. It has now since moved to the food court in Gadong properties so I revisited it with my sister.

While my sister went for our usual favourite of kimchi jiggae with tuna, I opted for a newer item on their menu which was the andong jjimdak. Our main dishes were served with a bowl of rice each and some side dishes.


bruneian eats seoul garden soy sauce chicken

bruneian eats seoul garden brunei stew

The andong jjimdak came onto our table bubbling hot and consisted of several cuts of chicken, vegetables (including potatoes, green onions and chilli) as well as glass noodles stewed in a sweet, soy sauce broth. I loved that the chicken was tender and fall-off-the bone. Additionally, the potatoes had a bit of bite to them and was not at all over or undercooked and so was not mushy. My favourite thing about the whole dish was the SUPER chewy glass noodles. The noodles also seemed to have soaked up the broth well as I could really taste the sweetness of the broth coming through. However, I would say that the broth tasted a little too sweet in my opinion. Nonetheless, if you are someone who loves a comination of sweet and salty flavours, this dish is a great option.


bruneian eats seoul garden kimchi stew

The kimchi jiggae also came to our table bubbling hot with HUGE tuna chunks, sliced tofu and kimchi. The soup itself had a deep umami and fishy flavour but not at all over-powering. The kimchi in the soup also added a nice bit of sourness to balance the deep flavours. However, one thing my sister and I both found a little odd was that the kimchi in the stew seemed to have a bit of a strange after taste and an off smell that reminded us of that strange smell you get from opening an old plastic container. That being said, this was the very first time we’ve had this happened after being a regular customer at Seoul garden and hopefully, this would not be a regular occurence.


bruneian eats seoul garden side dishes



Perhaps our favourite thing everytime we visit Seoul garden, is the side dishes. They always serve cabbage kimchi, pumpkins, anchovies and peanuts, cucumber kimchi, spinach and aubergines. The anchovies and peanuts tasted sweet and slightly caramelised while the pumpkins were both sweet and just slightly salty. The aubergine and spinach had an amazing nutty sesame smell and had a light taste. Finally, both the cabbage and cucumber kimchi did not have any off smell nor taste, was super crispy and acted as a great palate cleanser due to the acidity in it. All in all, the side dishes were super addictive and was a great pairing with the rice. Not to mention, they were also refillable for free!



Overall, I was a little disappointed in the kimchi jiggae tasting a little off due to its kimchi but I believe this is a one-off occurence. Despite the off tasting kimchi, everything else tasted great and I was happy to find that the side dishes were maintained to the level I was familiar with. If my memory serves me, I believe both main dishes costed around $8.

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