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OldTime Kopitiam and Phat Cookies

OldTime Kopitiam and Phat Cookies

OldTime Kopitiam is located in Bangunan Hj Ibrahim Bin Awg Othman, Simpang 24, Menglait. This restaurant serves a huge range of dishes and has a great selection of desserts in their cake displays. Upon arriving, my family and I ordered an ordinary Nasi lemak (without meat), a Sarawak-style laksa and bittergourd fried beehoon. Afterwards, we also ordered some Kelupis Udang (sticky rice with dried prawn filling), pulut panggang, cocktail pudding, and almond jelly. We also got a nutella and red velvet cookie from Phat Cookies who sells them at the restaurant too.


old time kopitiam nasi lemak bruneian eats


As we had ordered the ordinary Nasi Lemak, it came with a serving of coconut rice, deep fried dried anchovies, cucumber slices, half a hard boiled egg and some sambal chili sauce. The coconut rice was super fragrant with the slight scent of coconut and a hint of pandan. The rice itself was also slightly salty and the sambal sauce was nicely sweetened, with a pleasant onion flavour and was not too spicy at all. The deep fried anchovies were also super crispy which added a fun texture to the dish. Cost of the Nasi Lemak was $2.00.




Olt Time Kopitiam Sarawak Laksa Bruneian eatsThe Sarawak Laksa came in a huge bowl filled with a dark brown broth, beehoon noodles (thin rice noodles) and topped with fish cake slices, fish balls, bean sprouts, thinly sliced cucumbers and eggs and a dollop of sambal. A sliced kasturi (lime) was also provided on the side. The broth was thick and had a wonderful mix of spices in it as it ended up tasting very deep and warming. The broth also had a pleasant seafood taste to it and was also slightly creamy from the addition of coconut milk. The noodles were well cooked, with a bouncy texture to them and the addition of the cucumbers and bean sprouts gave a nice, fresh crunch. Adding the squeeze of lime also gave the laksa a lighter and brighter flavour which balanced out the broth very well. Overall, a rather big and impressive bowl of laksa which I believe would be suitable for rainy days. Cost of the Sarawak Laksa was $5.50.



old time kopitiam bittergourd beehoon bruneian eats


For the bittergourd beehoon, we chose for it to come without any meat or seafood. Therefore, ours consisted of thinly sliced bittergourd, omelette slices and beehoon noodles, topped with some fried shallots. The noodles were just rightly cooked with a pleasant bite to them. I felt that the seasoning of the noodles was very light tasting with a mild white pepper flavour and was nicely salted. Additionally, the bittergourd added a pleasant bitterness that wasn’t overpowering. The addition of the fried shallots also gave off a fragrant onion aroma. All in all, a simple and homey dish. Cost of the bittergourd beehoon was $5.00.



pulut panggang lekupis cookies bruneian eats old time kopitiamAlthough the sticky rice in both the kelupis udang and pulut panggang had a fun, chewy texture, I did find that there was very little filling inside the rice so it didn’t taste of much. I could barely taste the prawn flavour in the filling as well. The cocktail pudding, on the other hand, came with some sugar syrup and canned longan fruit. Texturally, the pudding was rather smooth and it also tasted refreshing though I did find that the addition of the canned longan and sugar syrup made the dessert a little sweeter than I anticipated. Meanwhile, the almond jelly had a firmer┬átexture with a strong almond extract scent. Total cost of the kelupis udang and pulut panggang was $1.20. Cost of the cocktail pudding was $2.50. Cost of the almond jelly was $2.00.



cream cheese filling red velvet cookie phat cookies bruneian eatsnutella cookies phat cookies bruneian eatsBoth the nutella and red velvet cookies were soft, chewy and gooey which is exactly what I love in my cookies. Additionally, the cookies had a bit of salt in them which really balanced out the sweetness of the cookie. What I had not anticipated was that the cookies were stuffed with a heaping of nutella for the nutella cookie and a cream cheese filling in the red velvet cookie. I did find that the nutella cookie was a little too sweet for me especially with the added nutella filling. However, the red velvet cookie was perfect with a great balance of sweet, salty and sour flavours from the cream cheese filling. I couldn’t stop myself from having bite after bite and before I knew it, my cookie was gone and I was left wanting more. I was very very impressed and would certainly order more cookies from them time and time again!


Overall, I enjoyed my meal at OldTime Kopitiam and would love to revisit it again to try more of their mains. I am also absolutely in love with the red velvet cookie from Phat Cookies and would love to try more of their different flavours!

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