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Little Audrey’s

Little Audrey’s

After seeing lots of food from Little Audrey’s popping up all over my instagram home page, I decided to check it out to see if it was worth the hype. Little Audrey’s is a cafe located in Kiulap, along the same row of building as petlink and netzone. Upon arriving, my friends and I ordered their chilli soft shell crab pasta, churro waffles and a hot chocolate drink.


chilli soft shell crab pasta little audrey's bruneian eatsbruneian eats chilli soft shell crab pasta little audrey'sThe chilli soft shell crab pasta consisted of spaghetti in a spicy cream-based sauce. The dish was also topped with a whole, breaded soft shell crab. The spaghetti in the pasta was cooked perfectly al dente and clung to the sauce well without being mushy. Meanwhile, the sauce was creamy, smooth and reminiscent of a carbonara sauce with a nice balance between salty and sweet with a punch of spice from the chilli flakes. We ordered the sauce in a mild spiciness level and that was sufficiently spicy for most of us so if you’re not big on spice I recommend getting the mild but if you love spice I’m sure the spicier one would satisfy you perfectly. The soft shell crab was super crunchy, not too greasy¬†and the flesh inside was soft and tender. Paired with the pasta, it was a fun mix of smooth, silky and crunchy textures. Overall, I was very impressed with this dish and would certainly try it again the next time I visit. The portion size was huge as well which is a great bonus though I did find that this dish could get heavy so I would most likely share this with someone else should I order it again.


churro waffle little audrey's bruneian eatsFor my dessert, the churro waffle was served piping hot, sprinkled with some cinnamon sugar and powdered sugar, topped with two scoops of salted caramel ice cream and salted caramel sauce. Additionally, it came with some chocolate sauce and extra cinammon sugar on the side. I could not imagine anything more decadent than a dessert like this and it certainly blew me away!

churros waffle little adurey's bruneian eats

The waffle had a nice golden brown colour with a crunchy outer layer while the inside was soft and chewy like a churro. The salted caramel ice cream was super smooth and extremely creamy with a great buttery scent. Taste-wise it had a wonderful balance between salty and sweet which really emphasised the caramel flavour. The crunchy and chewy texture of the waffle maintained throughout the time I was eating it and mixed perfectly with the soft ice cream. The chocolate sauce added an extra level of sweetness and I loved that the chocolate sauce was equally as smooth as the ice cream and wasn’t waxy. I especially loved that it hadn’t formed a hard shell the moment it touched the ice cream. I also appreciated that they had allowed me to decide how much chocolate sauce and cinammon sugar I would like to add by serving them on the side so I could control the level of sweetness to my preference. Again, I could not emphasise how much I loved the churro waffle and would certainly recommend sharing this with a friend as the portion size was rather huge.



hot chocolate little audrey's bruneian eats




My hot chocolate drink was presented beautifully with some sprinkling of cocoa powder. What I felt was different about the hot chocolate here was that it was made with milk which made it much thicker compared to the watered down hot chocolate that I tend to find in most places. Additionally, it tasted more chocolatey and decadent than most hot chocolates I’ve had.








Overall, I would certainly visit little Audrey’s again at some point as I felt the quality of the ingredients were great and everything tasted as good as they looked. I now understand the whole hype surrounding it. Do let me know if you’ve decided to give these a try yourself!

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