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Last of Sungkai 2018

Last of Sungkai 2018

I have previously released a post on Amsarra Shawarma’s Sungkai Buffet deal but have since set off to try 3 other sungkai spots. These include Rice Bowl, Margherita Pizzeria and Villa Mauri. Each of these restaurants offer sungkai deals which have slightly different formats from the usual buffet.


ricebowl sungkai order form


First off, with Rice Bowl, they provide your table with a small menu form and pencil where you circle however much food you would like to order. Although, there is only an option between 1 or 2 portions, you can continuously request for more forms to order as much as you need. Do note that the food portions will be smaller than usual. I would say the whole sungkai format is somewhat similar to the idea of ordering boat noodles. Other than what you order, their sungkai deal also includes a small buffet line containing the usual, like white rice and fried rice as well as vegetables, cakes and their customer-favourite cucurs (including cucur pisang, becha and cornbeef).



ricebowl sungkai buffet

ricebowl sungkai buffet line


Although the place was rather busy and it takes some time for them to refill the empty trays, the quality of the food is maintained fairly well with the exception of the lemongrass combo which was lukewarm and had a mild chicken-y aroma. Similarly, their chicken curry which was a tad cold but I found that it still tasted great,with the potatoes being just soft and the chicken being tender. With regards to their noodles, I liked that kolomee noodles were chewy and bouncy while coated in an umami, onion-y sauce. The minced chicken on top of the kolomee had also been seasoned well. Other than that, I liked that they dish out freshly cooked and piping hot food items along the buffet line. This also meant that their cucurs were pleasantly crispy and crunchy. Out of everything, I would certainly recommend getting their fried chicken as it was seasoned well through the meat. The outside of the chicken was just slightly crispy while the inside was supremely juicy. It was also covered in a slightly salty, sour and sweet sauce which I felt complimented the chicken very well. Cost of RiceBowl’s sungkai deal was $15 per adult and $7.50 per child.


margherita pizzeria sungkaimargherita pizzeria sungkaiMoving on to Margherita Pizzeria, their sungkai deal consists of 10% off any item on their menu with additional free refills on their drinks. My friends and I ordered one of their medium sized buffalo chicken pizza and their honey chicken wings. The pizza consisted of a thick crust base covered in tomato sauce and topped with spicy chicken, melty mozzarella and jalapenos. Despite being labelled as spicy chicken I didn’t find it spicy but it was seasoned well, savoury and tender. However, I did find that the chicken had a bit of a chicken-y smell to it, much like the smell of cooked chicken that might’ve been left out for a while. The cheese, however, was melted nicely with a fun stringy and chewy texture which meant that the cheese pull from pulling out a pizza slice was extremely satisfactory too.  With the heavier savoury flavours, I felt like the jalapenos balanced all the toppings well as they were pickled which meant it provided a pleasant sourness, briny saltiness and a fair amount of spice. For a medium sized pizza, I felt that it was just right enough of a portion for 3 hungry people.  Meanwhile, their chicken wings had a similar chicken-y smell to it but was still juicy and tender. The skin was sticky with a wonderful caramelisation around the edges. Additionally, I felt that the amount of honey they added was just right as it wasn’t overpoweringly sweet.


villa mauri sungkai offer



Lastly, with Villa Mauri’s sungkai offer, they offer several set menus at 20-30% off as shown on the left. When I visited the restaurant with the family, we decided on Menu B for 6 people even though it was meant for 8. For our first pizza we got a smoked salmon pizza with capers, tomato sauce and mozzarella. For the second pizza, we decided on a mixed seafood pizza containing prawns, squid and chunks of fish with a similar tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. We also got a gnocchi pasta and meatball linguini, calamari, several bruschettas and a pumpkin soup. Finally for the desserts, we ordered a panna cotta and tiramisu.




villa mauri mixed seafood pizzagnocchi villa mauri sungkai


Being a lover of thin crust pizza, the pizza bases here were thin enough so it was just a tad crispy on the edges and not at all hard or soggy. The gnocchi pasta consisted of pieces of salmon cooked in a tomato based sauce. I did find that the gnocchi might have been overcooked as they were a bit soft and less bouncy than I anticipated. That being said, the sauce had a great savoury flavour with a pleasant basil aroma. The linguini pasta was cooked much better as it was al dente and perfect for catching some of the similarly tomatoey pasta sauce. The meatballs were flavourful and soft which soaked up a lot of the sauce.


panna cotta villa mauri sungkai


Most surprising was the calamari which was sprinkled with some sweet and salty barbecue flavoured powder and was deep fried to perfection. The outer crust was crunchy while the squid was still soft and chewable. Meanwhile, bruschettas and pumpkin soup were rather standard in taste. Their desserts, however, were a little less satisfactory as I found their panna cotta to be rather hard and left a greasy film on my tongue. Additionally, it had an overpowering artificial vanilla scent to it. Similarly, with the tiramisu, the scent of artificial cherry was overpowering. Furthermore, despite the deal being made for 8 people, I found myself hungry even when the food was shared amongst only 6 of us. This might just be that we had big appetites but its something to be aware of if you’re planning to fill up.



These were the sungkai deals that I managed to try out thus far. Have you had a chance to try out any of these? If so, what were your thoughts?

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment.

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