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Korean Fried Chicken Tour

Korean Fried Chicken Tour

As requested in my Instagram poll, I set out on a Korean fried chicken tour at 4 different restaurants which have been recommended by my followers. These include Yamyam Sarang Korea, Pelicana, Padimas and Silla.


sarang brunei korean fried chicken bruneian eatsThe first stop on the tour was one that had been the most highly requested which was Yamyam Sarang Korea located in Batu Bersurat. My friends and I ordered a half and half combo of original and ganjang (garlic and soy sauce) fried chicken. Having been to Sarang before, I expected the chicken to be as good as I remembered. Indeed, the outer layer of the chicken was thick with an intense crunch. Despite being fried, the chicken did not leave a greasy feel in my mouth and it paired perfectly with some sweet and tangy radish pickles served on the side. However, I did find that the breast meat in the original chicken was tougher and drier than I remembered. That being said, I did still find that the meat was well seasoned throughout. Meanwhile, the sauce on the ganjang chicken was thick, sticky, sweet and salty. Not being a huge fan of overly sweet sauces, I felt that the sweetness of the ganjang sauce was very mild, not overpowering and balanced the salty soy sauce fairly well. Although the menu said the ganjang sauce contains garlic, there was not a profound garlic aroma or flavour in the sauce. Cost of the half and half chicken combo was $13.50.


pelicana fried chicken bruneian eats korean fried chicken Next, I set out to try Pelicana which is another place that has been highly recommended to me by my followers. Pelicana is located at Block C, Setia Kenangan II, Kiulap. A friend and I ordered the half chicken combo of peli crunchy and original yangnyeom

pelicana fried chicken bruneian eats korean fried chicken

(swet and spicy sauce) fried chicken. These come with a serving of fries and side dish of the day which, in our case, was shredded and seasoned korean radish. Again, the chicken here had a crunchy outer layer while the inside was still juicy and tender. I felt that the crunch was less intense than that of Sarang and loved that the meat was not dry at all. The meat also had a garlicky flavour to it and was well seasoned throughout. However, I did find that the chicken was a little too salty especially towards the end of the meal. The sauce on the yangnyeom chicken was thin, sticky and not at all spicy with a great balance of sweet and salty. Cost of the half chicken combo was $16.50.


padimas korean fried chicken bruneian eats

padimas korean fried chicken bruneian eats

Moving on from Pelicana, I went to Padimas which is located in Warisan Mata-Mata Complex. Here, I ordered a yangnyeom fried chicken and requested for the sauce to come separately. What I found different about the fried chicken here was that the outer layer was much thinner than the others with little to no visible batter. This made the skin very brittle and it had more of a crispy than crunchy texture. The meat however, was still succulent though it wasn’t as flavourful without its sauce. The yangnyeom sauce was also thinner and runnier. Furthermore, it was rather light tasting with just a mild sweetness to it. Overall, I felt that the chicken here had a much different texture and taste to it compared to the others. Cost of the yangnyeom fried chicken was $9.00. (Note that Padimas is a non-halal restaurant).


silla korean fried chicken bruneian eats

silla korean fried chicken bruneian eatsLastly, I went to Silla in Simpang 1116, Jalan Tutong, Jangsak. Upon arriving, I ordered their ganjang fried chicken as that was the only flavour they had available. The chicken here was supremely crunchy with a crunch factor similar to that of Sarang. Meanwhile, the meat was just about tender while the sauce clung on nicely to the fried chicken. Taste-wise, the sauce had the right amount of salty soy sauce taste with just a tinge of sweetness and had a great garlic flavour. One of the things I loved about the fried chicken here was that it came topped with whole pieces of garlic covered in sauce to give the fried chicken an even stronger garlic flavour. Although the menu says the portion is suitable for 2 people, I found that it was more suited for 4-5 people.


Overall, I find it rather hard to really determine which korean fried chicken was my favourite as each of them were had qualities that I liked and disliked. Additionally, some were more similar in taste and texture compared to others. However, if I really had to choose, I would say Silla is my personal favourite as I felt that it has the most intense crunch and the strongest garlic flavour with the addition of the whole garlic pieces. Furthermore, it was moist and succulent on the inside. What would you say is your personal favourite?

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