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It’s a Grind

It’s a Grind

It’s a Grind is a cafe which currently has two branches located in Jalan Muara and Citis Square. The one that I visited was located on the ground floor of Citis Square. Upon arriving, I tried out their Tandooori chicken wrap and french fries for my mains and a chocolate mug cake and coffee pudding for dessert. For my drink, I had an ice blended chocolate drink.


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The tandoori chicken wrap consisted of two individual wraps sliced in half  and was made up of sliced purple cabbage, green lettuce, carrots, cucumbers and tandoori chicken mixed with a sauce all in a lightly toasted wrap. The tandoori chicken was well salted, peppery and herby which paired well with the fresh crunchiness of the vegetables. The sauce was also sweet, slightly tangy and creamy which made the whole wrap feel where to eat in brunei bruneian eats its a grind tandoori wrap close upquite hearty. The wrap itself had a pleasant crunch on the outside from being toasted and was slightly chewy inside. Overall, I was really impressed with the wrap as the wraps I’ve had are often extremely cold, hard and overly mayonnaise-y. This one was warm, soft and crunchy at the same time with great flavours that reminded me a little of a shawarma wrap. It was also super filling as the one wrap itself was enough to fill me up. Cost of the wrap was $5.90. 


where to eat in brunei bruneian eats french fries its a grind


I was told that the french fries were actually air fried which meant that it was a lot healthier than the usual french fries. It definitely wasn’t greasy at all but was surprisingly not soggy either! The french fries were super fluffy and soft on the inside while the outside had a bit of bite. They were also served with the same sauce provided with the wrap and some ketchup on the side. The french fries itself were rightly seasoned with salt which was great as I’m not fond of bland fries. The fries also had a fragrant warm aroma as it was also seasoned with black pepper and oregano. However, I did feel that they were a little heavy-handed on the pepper as it could be a little overpowering at times. Cost of the french fries was $3.90.



where to eat in Brunei bruneian eats chocolate mug cake its a grind


The chocolate mug cake had a hot molten-centre chocolate cake base topped with cold vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. The warm gooey centre paired with the cold ice cream tremendously well and tasted very rich and decadent. However, I did feel that the chocolate cake base was a little hard and wasn’t as molten as I would have preferred. Also, there were certain parts of the cake which were a little salty so I wondered if maybe they hadn’t mixed the batter well. Cost of the chocolate mug cake was $3.90.

where to eat in brunei bruneian eats coffee pudding its a grind


The coffee pudding consisted of a vanilla pudding base and a coffee jelly on top. Not being a huge coffee fan myself, I actually liked the coffee pudding as it did not have too strong of a coffee flavour. That being said, there wasn’t a strong vanilla flavour either. However, I thought this pudding would work perfectly after a meal as it was light and refreshing and not at all overly sweet. Cost of the coffee pudding was $1.50.


where to eat in brunei bruneian eats ice blended chocolate its a grind





The ice blended chocolate drink I had was well blended with no unpleasant ice chunks and was not overly sweet. It had a slight malty flavour almost similar to that of Milo but was most certainly not Milo and did not have that unpleasant waxy cheap chocolate taste in my mouth. Overall, great for a hot afternoon. Cost of the ice blended chocolate drink was $6.oo for the small 16oz sized cup I had.






Overall, I had to admit I was worried about having food at It’s a Grind as I wasn’t a coffee fan myself. However, for those who have stayed away for fear of not having anything you would like because you’re not a fan of coffee, fear not as they offer a wide range of other non-coffee drinks and food selections too! I was extremely satisfied with the portion sizes and felt that the items were reasonably priced too. If you haven’t yet tried it, be sure to check it out!

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