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Food Messenger

Food Messenger

When I heard that a relatively new Taiwanese restaurant had opened up I had to visit it myself. Having been to Taiwan before and having a grandfather from Taiwan, I was excited to try out the food it had there. Food Messenger is located at Simpang 98, Jalan Gadong, near several car repair stores. I ordered the popular Taiwanese dish of beef noodle soup which I chose to come with udon noodles. I also ordered a chicken cut bun as it was highly recommended.


beef noodle soup bruneian eats food messengerbeef noodle soup beef slice bruneian eats food messengerThe beef noodle soup came in a large bowl with my chosen udon noodles in a dark broth, chunks of carrots, bok choi, beef, chopped green onions and chopped salted vegetables. The first thing I noticed right away was that the broth was super aromatic with a significant dried orange peel aroma. Although the broth was dark in colour, it was rather light tasting, lightly salted and had a warm, peppery taste which built up spice the more I ate. The beef slices were just about tender but not too tough to chew while the vegetables added a nice crunch and bite. Additionally, the salted vegetables gave the dish a bit more salt to the otherwise light broth. The noodles were also cooked well, were bouncy and not mushy. Thus, making it perfect for slurping. Overall, I felt that the dish was very warming and would be great on a cold, rainy night. Cost of the beef noodle soup was $5.50.


chicken cut bun bruneian eats food messengerMeanwhile the chicken cut bun consisted of a pao-like bun filled with slices of chicken, chopped roasted peanuts, chopped salted vegetables and some sauce on the side. I was not initially expecting much from this chicken cut bun but I was blown away at how delicious it turned out tasting. The chicken slices were well marinated and appeared to have been steeped in some sort of soy sauce which made it super flavourful, juicy and fall-apart tender. Adding the extra sauce on the side gave this snack even more of a pleasantly salty, umami flavour. The chopped roasted peanuts also gave it a nutty taste and lended some of its mild roasted aroma. Together with the salted vegetables, both these components gave this snack a nice crunch. In contrast, the bun was super soft, slightly chewy and sweet. I would certainly order this snack again and again whenever I visit this restaurant. Cost of the chicken cut bun was $2.50.


Overall, I thought the beef noodle soup was alright but was mostly impressed with the chicken cut bun and would certainly love to try more of their different types of cut buns. Also, the Taiwanese food here is entirely halal so won’t you give it a try?

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