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Cocina de Lola: Filipino Food

Cocina de Lola: Filipino Food


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Cocina de Lola is a restaurant located in Gadong Central next to Mr Baker and serves a range of Filipino and Western food. When I first came across the restaurant on Facebook, I couldn’t help but try it out with some friends. We struggled to decide on which dishes we wanted to try out as the menu showcased a huge array of delicious looking items. However, we eventually decided to try only the Filipino food and settled on three mains: Chicken Adobo, Menudo Ni Inday and Sinigang. We ordered the single platters and each of them came with plain rice.


Bruneian eats cocina de lola chicken adobo


The first dish that arrived was the chicken adobo which consisted of various cuts of chicken, potato chunks and some sauce. When my friends and I took our first bites of this dish, we were BLOWN AWAY! The meat was tender, and juicy and the more you chewed it, the more flavours it released. The whole dish was covered in a kind of soy sauce which had a pleasantly warm, pepper aroma and was well seasoned giving the dish a deep, almost umami flavour. A friend of mine even teared up when she took her first bite! Overall, a very satisfying dish which was homey and nostalgic. Cost of the chicken adobo was $5.20.



Bruneian eats cocina de lola menudo



The menudo ni inday consisted of beef chunks, beef liver and vegetables stewed in a tomato sauce. Again, we were amazed at how fall-apart tender the beef chunk was. I also felt like there was no unpleasant gamey smell to the beef which was a big plus for me. The liver was equally great with no unpleasant offal smell and was also just as tender. The tomato sauce also provided a great, brightening tanginess to the dish which would’ve otherwise felt heavy. Cost of the menudo ni inday was $6.20.




For the last main dish that was the sinigang, I was given an option of fish, prawn or beef to be included in my soup. I went for fish and was asked for a choice between red snapper or salmon but ultimately went for red snapper. The option for some good quality fish really surprised me. The sinigang was loaded with vegetables and I was happy to find large chunks of red snapper in my soup. The sinigang had a great balance between the mouth-watering sourness, and sweetness from the vegetables and fish, as well as saltiness from being well seasoned. The soup was so hearty, warming and super addictive as I went for spoonfuls after spoonfuls. Portion size of the soup was also huge and was enough for about 3 people. Cost of the sinigang was $6.20.


bruneian eats cocina de lola sans rival cake



Once we were done with our mains we went to look at the cake display and decided to try out a slice of their new Sans Rival cake. The cake had layers of biscuit held together with a mixture of butter, egg, sugar and chopped cashew nuts. It was chewy and had a strong buttery biscuit flavour reminiscent of the childhood Marie biscuits. The sweetness of the cake was also just right and tasted almost vanillary. All in all, it was a very unique cake and tasted nothing like the conventional cake I was used to. Cost of the Sans Rival cake was $3.80.



If you haven’t yet been to Cocina de Lola, I highly recommend you try out this place! I have nothing but positive things to say about the food here. Not to mention, the staff were friendly and helpful with explaining the dishes to us. Additionally, for the price my friends and I were paying, the food was extremely worth it.

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