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Must-try Chicken Rice in Brunei: Part 2

Must-try Chicken Rice in Brunei: Part 2

After my previous chicken rice tour, a lot of you have requested I try out more of your favourite chicken rice spots so that’s what I set out to do. If you haven’t yet read the part 1 of my “Must-Try Chicken Rice in Brunei” series, click here to read. In this blog post, I try out The Chicken Rice Shop, The Tuckshop Kopitiam and Happy Dean(Note: The Chicken Rice Shop review is sponsored)


The Chicken Rice Shop


the chicken rice shop chicken rice



First stop in the second chicken rice tour was The Chicken Rice Shop located within the Giant Supermarket at Rimba. Here, my friends and I ordered two combination platters of Hainanese Steamed and Crispy roasted chicken as well as Soy sauce and Honey BBQ chicken. Each of these combinations came with a portion of chicken rice and soup of the day.




roasted and steamed chicken
Left: Crispy roasted Chicken; Right: Hainanese steamed Chicken


With regards to taste, the Hainanese steamed chicken here was covered in a sweet and savoury sauce with a significant sesame oil aroma. The chicken meat itself had absorbed most of the flavours of the sauce and was tender but I did find that the chicken skin was a little thicker, and more fatty and chewy. The crispy roasted chicken, on the other hand, tasted leaner and since it had been roasted did not leave a greasy feel in the mouth although, the breast portion was a little on the dry side.


char siu and soy sauce chicken rice
Left: Honey BBQ chicken; Right: Soy sauce chicken


The soy sauce and honey BBQ chicken were both packed with more flavour compared to the previous two. I loved that the soy sauce chicken was covered in a thick, sweet sauce with a hint of 5 spice aroma. The skin on the chicken was also incredibly smooth, thin and silky. The BBQ chicken also had a thick, sticky and sweet sauce on it with pleasant charred edges on the skin. Taste-wise, it reminded me very much of charsiu. Meanwhile, the rice that was served with the chicken was softer in texture, even slightly sticky with a prominent chicken flavour. Cost of the 2 combination platters was $11.60.


The Tuckshop Kopitiam


tuckshop kopitiam steamed chicken rice
Tuckshop kopitiam steamed chicken rice


tuckshop kopitiam steamed chicken rice



Our next stop on the chicken rice tour takes us to The Tuckshop Kopitiam located at Setia Kenangan 2, Kiulap, next to Library Cafe. Here, I ordered their Tuckshop steamed chicken rice. The sauce which came with the chicken here was seasoned well with a good amount of saltiness. I also liked that it had a deeper, savoury chicken flavour to it. However, I did find that the chicken was more on the tough side despite being a little pink in some spots. The chili sauce that came with it was sweet with a mostly prominent chili aroma. Cost of the chicken rice was $4.50.




Happy Dean Restaurant


happy dean chicken rice
Happy Dean roasted chicken rice


happy dean chicken rice



Lastly, I headed off to Happy Dean along Jalan Jerudong, Simpang 461, Sengkurong, opposite the Fire Station. The sauce that came with the chicken here was thicker and sweeter than I expected. Despite not normally liking foods to be on the sweet side, I felt that the sweetness in the sauce balanced out the savoury flavours of the chicken just right. Furthermore, the chicken was succulent and juicy and the skin was thin with just a bit of char. I also liked that the rice had a fragrant garlic smell. Cost of the chicken rice was roughly $3.20 (if memory serves me).



All in all, I’d say each of the chicken rice I had here presented their own unique differences with different textures and flavours. Have you tried any of the chicken rice mentioned here? Did I leave out any more of your favourite chicken rice spots?


Thanks for reading!