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Boat Noodle and Chatramue

Boat Noodle and Chatramue

Boat Noodle is a restaurant serving Thai food and is located in Little Soho, Batu Bersurat. After hearing about it from multiple people, I decided to try it out with some friends. When we arrived, we ordered Ayutthaya style broth to go with both the rice and egg noodles as they had unfortunately, run out of their other broth. We also ordered some grilled chicken meatballs and a krapow chicken rice.

bruneian eats boat noodle ayutthaya



The boat noodles came in a small bowl with a small serving of noodles (as is customary for boat noodles), some broth, and a meatball, topped with fried shallots and parsley. The broth had an initial sourness, followed by a sweetness and finally a slow-building spice. The broth paired quite well with the parsley as it gave the noodles a nice lift of freshness. Additionally, the noodles were cooked just right without being mushy nor too hard and had a pleasant bite to them. I felt like the egg noodles were the better option between the two noodle types as it was finer and I loved that it had more of a rough texture. However, if you love the smooth, slurping sensation, then the rice noodles might be better as they were wider, thinner and flatter. Cost of the boat noodles were $0.90 each.



bruneian eats boat noodle grilled chicken meatballs




The meatball on the noodles were very similar to the grilled ones we ordered except the grilled ones appeared to have some sort of glaze on it and came with a side of sweet dipping sauce. The meatballs were chewy, had a great bounce to them and was not at all rubbery. However, I would have liked the meatballs better if they had more of a grilled, smoky aroma and if the glaze added a bit of a different flavour to the meatballs as I felt the meatballs paired with the sauce made it taste universal in flavour, particularly being on the sweet side. That being said, there wasn’t anything significantly bad about the meatballs. Cost of the grilled meatballs were $2.90 for 6 pieces.




bruneian eats boat noodle krapow chicken rice


Lastly, the krapow chicken rice came with some saucy minced chicken mixed with holy basil and chili. It also came with some rice topped with a fried sunny side up egg. The minced chicken was super juicy and the sauce had a great balance of strong sweet and savoury flavours. This paired perfectly with the neutral flavour of the hot steamy rice. In addition, the inclusion of the holy basil with the minced chicken made the whole dish pleasantly herby and fragrant while the chili added a warm spice. Furthermore, the runny yolk added some great creaminess when mixed with everything. This was probably my favourite dish out of everything that we had. Cost of the krapow chicken rice was $4.90.



bruneian eats cha tramue cha yen teabruneian eats chatramue tea mixAfter finishing up our meal at boat noodle, we decided to head off to chatramue. I got a Cha Yen iced tea. The drink was icy cold which would pair perfectly for a hot day and had a great milky-ness to it. Not to mention, you get to keep their really great quality cup and if you’d like, they also sell an array of tea mixes in their store.However, I did find that the drink could be a little too sweet and unfortunately, the sweetness level was already predetermined. Taste-wise, I felt that the drink was very reminiscent of Teh Tarik, a well-known local drink.  If memory serves me, the Cha Yen tea costed roughly $4.00.


All in all, I felt that I would likely return to boat noodle to try out their other noodle broth as it appeared to be the more popular one and would return for their Krapow chicken rice. I also felt that the Chatramue Cha Yen tea was a particularly refreshing and comforting drink. Plus, I would be keen to try out their other drinks and certainly their new ice cream.

If you have tried these places before or would like me to try out some other restaurant, please feel free to comment.

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