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Balkony Cafe

Balkony Cafe

Balkony cafe is a two-storey cafe facing a beautiful river and is located in Kiulap along the same row of buildings as bakerlyn and yellowcab pizza. Upon arriving, my friends and I decided to order a chicken cordon bleu, a grilled chicken tenderloin, buttermilk chicken with rice, and some chips for snacking.


bruneian eats where to eat in brunei balkony cafe chicken cordon bleu

I chose my chicken cordon bleu to come with a baked potato and some creamy mushroom sauce on the side. The chicken was wrapped around some beef rashers and cheese then rolled in some bread crumbs and fried. I personally felt that both the breading and the chicken were a little on the dry and tough side. I was also a little disappointed to find that the cheese had already oozed out onto the plate and despite that, I felt like there wasn’t as much cheese as I was expecting. Thus, flavour-wise, I didn’t feel like there was anything particularly exciting about it. Although, I did feel that the creamy mushroom sauce lended some flavour to the dish as it was creamy and mildly sweet and salty. That being said, I did feel as though the creaminess of the sauce ended up feeling quite heavy. The baked potato on the other hand, was cooked perfectly as it was soft and fluffy on the inside. The addition of sour cream on the top also added a nice tanginess to it.



bruneian eats where to eat in brunei balkony cafe grilled chicken tenderloin


The grilled chicken tenderloin came with some baguette, coleslaw and mushroom gravy sauce. The chicken had a plesant oregano aroma to it and was just rightly seasoned. Also, the chicken maintained most of its juicyness despite being grilled which came as a surprise to me. The vegetables in the coleslaw had a nice bite to them while the coleslaw sauce was sweet, tangy and slightly creamy. This particularly reminded me of a KFC coleslaw so if you love those like I do then you’d like this coleslaw too. However, the mushroom gravy sauce didn’t have much of a flavour and tasted rather watered down. Furthermore, the baguettes seemed to be overbaked as they were rather hard and dry.



bruneian eats where to eat in brunei balkony cafe buttermilk chicken rice



The buttermilk chicken came with pieces of chicken in some sauce, a serving of rice and some pickled vegetables. The chicken itself was rather tender while the sauce was thick, sticky, creamy and mostly on the sweet end. Meanwhile, the pickles gave a nice crunch as well as a little sour tang while being both a little salty and sweet. Thus, it seemed to pair well with the mostly sweet chicken and plain rice.




bruneian eats where to eat in brunei balkony cafe chips



Lastly and probably the best thing we ordered, were the chips. My favourite thing about these chips were the fact that they were thick cut chips and you could tell that these were made in house as bits of the potato skin were still intact which gave it a rustic, homemade feel. These chips had a thin, crunchy outer layer while the inside was super soft and fluffy. Moreover, the chips were well-seasoned inside and out which I absolutely loved. The chips also came with some garlic mayo sauce which was a great accompaniment as it was creamy and had a great garlicky aroma. Definitely some of the best chips I’ve had in a while.






Overall, I felt like some of the dishes in balkony cafe weren’t things I would order again other than their spectacular chips. Price of the dishes were around the range of $7-10 while the chips costed $3.80. If you haven’t tried out Balkony Cafe yet, do give it a try yourself and let me know what you think.

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