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Amsarra Shawarma Sungkai Buffet

Amsarra Shawarma Sungkai Buffet

Amsarra Shawarma is located in Annajat Complex, Beribi and they are currently offering an all you can eat sungkai buffet worth $20. They specialise in serving UK-inspired Lebanese and Mediterannean cuisine with some locally-influenced items on their buffet.

amsarra shawarma menu bruneian eats



brunei sungkai buffet 2018 bruneian eatsThis is the spread of items they currently offer for their sungkai buffet but a lot more of their items are not shown here and the spread is much larger (as seen on the right)





amsarra shwarma sungkai buffet bruneian eats salad


For starters they have things like hummus and tabouleh as mentioned in their menu spread above but they also provide a mix of shredded cabbage with some yoghurt and chili dressing. They’ve also got some mediterranean-style tomato salad and an eggplant and chickpea salad. Not normally one to love salad, I found their salad bar to be filled with fresh vegetables that are a lot more unique than the typical leafy greens. The dressing on their salads also have a fresh taste to them, with some zesty flavours which I found to be very appetite-inducing and a great way to start off the buffet.



amsarra shawarma jewel rice bruneian eats sungkai buffet




Moving on to their mains, they offer some beautifully presented persian jeweled rice which consist of long-grain rice cooked in either turmeric or saffron to give it that beautiful golden colour and is also mixed with some pomegranates, dried cranberries and nuts. The rice itself was fluffy and had a great mouthfeel with the addition of the crunchy nuts. Both the sweetness and slight sourness from the fruits added an extra dimension to the rice too. Thus, pairing well with the other more savoury and strong flavoured mains in the buffet.





amsarra shawarma whole salmon tarador bruneian eats sungkai buffetamsarra shawarma whole lemon snapper bruneian eats sungkai buffet

What I felt that the restaurant excelled in was the way they had cooked their seafood.  Their whole salmon tarator ,whole lemon baked snapper and spicy tomato cuttlefish were cooked perfectly. Both the fish were cooked just right where they were both fall-apart tender and moist on the inside. The salmon had a much lighter “steamed” flavour to it with that familiar fatty salmon taste to it and the more I chewed it, the more of a salty flavour it developed. Meanwhile the snapper had a much stronger, spiced flavour with a bit of a tanginess to it from the addition of the lemons which I felt balanced the flavours of the strong spices well. Although they had said the cuttlefish would be spicy, I didn’t taste any spiciness but it tasted more sweet and savoury. The cuttlefish itself was cooked just right as it was easy to bit through and not at all rubbery.



malaysian spiced chicken bruneian eats sungkai buffet

chicken bruneian eats sungkai buffet

Their chicken items were also done well, with all the chicken being cooked well, particularly their malaysian spiced fried chicken which I thought would’ve tasted tough and dry. To my surprise, it was not at all tough and was actually rather juicy. The skin around the chicken was crispy and very well-seasoned with a salty taste and mild spice aroma. Their chicken butter masala was also one of my favourites with an equally tender meat as well as a savoury and rich-taste.





However, one of the things I felt that the restaurant did fall short on was their lamb and beef. I felt that these might have been overcooked or not stewed for long enough as they were rather tough and difficult to chew. Their roast beef which they offer to carve upon request, had a rather bland, watery taste to it despite adding some gravy on top of it. Their roast lamb (which they also carve upon request) was instead drier, but was similarly tough and did not taste of much.





amsarra shawarma desserts



With regards to their desserts, they offer the standard Malay kuihs as well as some unique desserts. There was one which consisted of a filo pastry base topped with custard and orange slices. The filo pastry was super thin and crispy while the custard was thick and not overly sweet. The addition of the orange slices added a freshness to it all and overall, I felt like it was a great balance of textures and flavours. They also serve a chocolate cake which tasted super thick, moist and decadent.




Overall, despite the shortcomings with regards to their beef and lamb, everything else on their buffet tasted fresh with a great combination of strong, unique flavours that are well-balanced. With such a huge spread of items, I felt that the buffet was well worth my $20. If you’ve tried this buffet before, do let me know your thoughts.

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