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About me

Hello and welcome to my blog, Bruneianeats! 

This blog will be all about the places I have been and the food I’ve eaten while abroad and within Brunei itself.

Reichstag building in Berlin

I am a fresh graduate from a UK University where I have studied for the past 3 years. During my time there, my love for travelling developed and my sense of adventure for food flourished. I am still travelling as much as I can afford to and often make food hunting a priority during these travels. I love experiencing new cultures and traditions which I feel that food is a big part of and tend to learn and appreciate the food much more that way.

Drinking mulled wine at Munich Christmas Market

Of course I also enjoy the general pleasure I get from eating new and exotic food as well as the old and familiar food of Brunei! Additionally, cooking and trying out new recipes have always seemed fun to me, although, I definitely don’t consider myself an expert in that field. Hence, you can enjoy hearing about any cooking failures with me. Most importantly, I enjoy telling people about the food I’ve eaten and the go-to places which is one of the reasons I have started this blog.

Eating K-Mart Noodles in Brunei

If you’re someone who loves to eat, then consider us friends! I hope you stick around and enjoy my blogs! You can also keep up to date with my posts by following me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.