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3 more must-visit food stalls in Kuala Belait

3 more must-visit food stalls in Kuala Belait

Despite Brunei growing progressively into a food haven with the continuous pop-ups of new and trendy cafes, many still love the classic food stalls and restaurants from their childhood that they have grown accustomed to. Kuala Belait is one of those places that offer many old-time local favourites.

Having missed out on some popular spots in my previous write-up, “Must-Visit Food Stalls in Kuala Belait and Seria” (click here to read it first), I set out once more to try some Kuala Belait stalls and cafe with my local friends. (Note: Jee Juan is non-halal. No pork is served at Gerai Bunga Rambai and Yung Peng but they are not halal-certified)


Jee Juan Coffee Cafe

Being a hot spot amongst locals in the area, you’ll often see many people lining up to reserve the popular custard tarts here early in the morning (make sure to reserve yours too or they’ll run out). Most times of the day you’ll see many middle-aged and elderly people catching up over a cup of coffee or unwinding with a newspaper.


Jee Juan Coffee Cafe


Location: Along Jalan Pretty, Kuala Belait

What we had here: Custard tarts


Jee Juan custard tarts


Thoughts: The tarts here had a soft and delicate flaky crust with a custard filling that was thick, silky and smooth. Flavour-wise, the crust had a pleasant buttery taste while the custard had a light sweetness to it and a mild corn flavour. After leaving it in the fridge for a few hours, the custard tasted even thicker and richer and went perfectly with a hot cup of tea.


Gerai Bunga Rambai

At Gerai Bunga Rambai, you will be spoiled for choice but look out for a stall at the end left corner upon entering, owned by a Chinese lady who serves outstanding dumplings.


Gerai Bunga Rambai


Location: Along Jalan Bunga Rambai, Kuala Belait. Close to Chung Hua Middle School.

What we had here: Curry soup noodles, Kolo dumplings and Pan fried dumplings. We chose half our dumplings to be filled with chicken and chives while another half only had chicken.


Gerai Bunga Rambai dumplings kolo curry
Top left: Pan fried dumplings; Top right: Curry noodles; Bottom: Kolo dumplings


Thoughts: The noodles in the curry soup had a good bite to them and weren’t soggy but I did find the soup to be rather lightly seasoned with a mild curry flavour. Even though I wasn’t as big a fan of their curry noodles, I loved their dumplings and felt like I could eat 50 in one sitting. I especially loved that the the dumpling skins were smooth and silky with a good chewiness. Meanwhile, the fillings were immensely juicy and were seasoned just right. Furthermore, the addition of the chives gave it an aromatic onion flavour.


Yung Peng Food Stall

One of the popular spots where my friends often have Laksa in Kuala Belait is the Yung Peng food stall pictured below.


Yung Peng


Location: Along Jalan Bunga Simpur, Kuala Belait, in a row of buildings opposite the previously mentioned stall.

What we had here: Laksa and ABC (shaved ice dessert with toppings). Laksa came with a choice of seafood or chicken (I went with seafood).


Laksa Yung Peng
ABC yung peng













Thoughts: The laksa here seemed to have more of a Sarawak laksa flavour with a strong seafood broth and strong aroma of spices. There was also a thick richness to the broth from the added coconut milk. The ABC here was customisable too so I ordered mine with chendol, grass jelly and sago. With just a hint of sweetness and served cold with a bit of milk, this dessert was incredibly refreshing for the hot day. The addition of the chewy and pudding-like toppings with the shaved ice made for a fun play on textures too.


I found that a lot of popular stalls in KB often sell out of food quickly due to high demand (like the duck rice in Gerai Bunga Rambai) so I will certainly be taking another trip to KB and even Seria at some point.

Do you agree that these are the must-visits in KB or have I left out your favourite locations? If you feel that there are more places I should’ve visited, feel free to leave me a comment.